Particularly qualified fund managers and specialists, flat hierarchies, small teams and, last but not least, interdisciplinary thinking characterize our actions. The funds we manage reflect our experience, expertise and openness to innovative solutions.

Our investment solutions

Equity Funds

Our historically evolved market access for companies and the expertise we have built up in the analysis of equities is also reflected in our fund solutions. Both our H & A Unternehmerfonds Europa and our multi-award winning H & A Aktien Small Cap EMU Fonds deserve special mention.

Bond Funds

The interest business is one of our core areas. The experience and ability in analyzing and evaluating the global capital markets and to find the ideal securities is reflected, among other factors, in our bond fund H & A Global Bond Opportunities. With our H & A Wandelanleihen Europa, you can take advantage of the conservative characteristics of bonds without foregoing the opportunities offered by the equity markets.

Multi Asset Funds

Managing our clients' assets means managing a wide range of investment vehicles and bringing them in line with individual objectives. For us, multi asset is the selection and collection of different risk premiums in the context of the right balance between return and risk. For example, take advantage of the H & A VV Rendite Flexibel with its strong equity ratio for your customers.

Sustainability Funds

In more than 20 years we have built up a unique expertise in ethical and sustainable investments. The special thing about this business area is the independent ethics committee which consists of professors and doctoral students in a wide variety of special fields such as social ethics, corporate governance, environmental and business ethics or water toxicology. With our H & A PRIME VALUES Funds, you benefit from our active asset management approach and, at the same time, only invest in countries and companies that meet ethical-sustainable criteria.

Risk/return profiles of the H&A funds

Further information

Here you can find current data and information on our funds: