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Fixed Income

In the Fixed Income segment, we mainly focus on the most important currency areas such as the Euro and the US dollar, the British pound and the Swiss franc. Other currencies can also be added to special mandates. As far as issuers are concerned, we allocate classical government bonds, supranational companies and Covered Bonds. Our portfolio managers show particular expertise in the investment grade corporate bond segment. Our clients appreciate not only our selection skills, but also our risk-diversifying portfolio construction. Additions in sub-investment grade and subordination complete our competencies in the fixed income area.


In the equity area, we concentrate our selection activities mainly on the European core markets. This results from the history of the company H&A and the deep network in Germany and core Europe respectively. In order to broadly cover other regions, we make use of promising fund solutions available on the market. A particular focus of our portfolio management is on small and mid cap companies. As well, in this niche, the Hauck & Aufhäuser family has always had good access and we believe that the opportunities to generate alpha for our investors are particularly high in these market segments.


Another core competence of our firm is the tactical asset allocation, which is taken into account in all multi-asset mandates. Originating from Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers, we have always been an asset management firm for balanced mandates. This experience, which has demonstrably led to excellent results, is of course available to our clients. Based on stringent processes and intelligent risk management, we combine the expertise of equities and bonds in this area.


Timon Virgens
Head of Sales/Asset Management
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Matthias Deutsch
Institutional Clients
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Dr. Wolfgang Kirschner
Institutional Clients
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