Investing methodically

Our ethical and sustainable investment philosophy for privately and institutionally managed assets is based on these values and principles: 

  • Active management approach: Market capitalization benchmarks are mostly arbitrarily defined. For this reason, our investment style deliberately and significantly deviates from these benchmark indexes.

  • Fundamental and quantitative: We analyze markets and securities on the basis of your business data and the economic climate. We take our investment decisions on the basis of these in-depth assessments. All decisions are pre-filtered through a quantitative model in order to consolidate the generated information.

  • Research based: Our investments in all markets and securities are conducted on the basis of defined research processes. We only invest in areas where these research processes are established.

  • Responsible investment: Ethical assessment of companies and issuers.

  • Independent: Our analysis and decisions are independent, and we attach great importance to quality and objectivity in our investment strategies.


Sustainable companies as stable investment targets – our theories

  1. Ethically managed companies have better opportunities for stable, sustainable growth. We aim for long-term investment success.
  2. They benefit from cost advantages, for example, through increases in energy efficieny. Ressource sensitivity reduces procurement costs. Sophisticated HR management attracts skilled employees.
  3. Awareness of social responsibility strengthens image and brand.

Guiding principles of ethical investment

Our principles

Our approach is based on solid ethical principles. We offer you:

  • Individual investment profile matching the needs of each client
  • Independent selection process
  • Ongoing examination of the portfolio risk using quantitative KPIs
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