As an independent asset manager with the advantages of being a subsidiary of the traditional bank, Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, we are free to make our own investment policy decisions, and can dedicate ourselves to holistic ethical and sustainable capital investment.

We have built up unique expertise in this area over more than 20 years. In 1995, we established the first ethical fund on the European continent.

Investment in sustainable business models

We do not consider sustainability to be merely a mega-trend. Rather, we see investment in sustainable business models as one of the elementary building blocks of Society.

The value of achievment lies in the achieving.

Albert Einstein

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Sustainable Investments


creates added value

For more than 20 years, Hauck & Aufhäuser has delivered ethical and sustainable investment concepts that enable you to make a positive contribution to society.

Numerous studies have shown that ethical and sustainable investment does not mean missing out on profitability – provided it is just as carefully and professionally prepared and monitored as conventional investment. We combine financial and ethical/sustainable analytical methodologies to develop our ethical and sustainable investment products at the mandate and fund level.

The investment committee receives recommendations for securities with viable business models and sustainable growth prospects. At the same time, the ethics committee assesses the ethical alignment of the issuers and then takes decisions that define the investment universe. The members of the independent ethics committee, which continually monitors compliance with the defined ethical standards, are distinguished experts in a range of specialist fields.

We then use proprietary assessment models to quantify the financial prospects for risk and return. We invest if the risk/return profile is promising, and the investment appears to make sense in terms of diversification and risk spread. We constantly monitor the performance of the product and the fund.

The objective of our investment ethics and investment policy is to foster investment behavior that is both reliable and profitable, while also being socially and environmentally responsible and geared toward sustainable value creation. We also achieve this through our social commitment and membership of industry associations.


Over the last five years, the volume invested in sustainable investment funds and mandates has quadrupled. More and more institutional investors attach great importance to responsible investment solutions because they know that an ethically sustainable investment strategy often correlates with revenue opportunities.

When the share of sustainable investments in the total volume of investments grows, this naturally increases their influence on the economy. At the moment, this share is still modest, but it is growing steadily. Fundamental progress in civilization takes time.

Prof. Dr. Peter Ulrich


We are of the opinion that investors and interested parties should receive precise and transparent information about all investment products and sustainability approaches. We support fair competition.

Our analytical process

Investment processes are traditionally based on the fundamental need for reliability, return, and liquidity. Investment ethics link these “old” criteria to the new standards. These new standards are derived from the importance of companies to society and from the principles of good corporate governance. The objective is to promote investment behavior that is both reliable and profitable, while also being socially and environmentally responsible and aligned toward sustainable value creation.

Our investment decisions are based on a comprehensive investment process:

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Dignity and universal fundamental human rights are at the core of ethics. Ethics addresses aspects such as how to live a good life and how to behave responsibly, fairness in human relations and equitable coexistence in a free and democratic society. Accordingly, of importance is not only personal behavior, but also institutional conduct and political action. In this context, great importance for future generations is attached to respect for nature.

Investment processes are traditionally based on the fundamental need for reliability, return, and liquidity. Investment ethics link these “old” criteria to the new standards. At the heart of these standards is socially and environmentally responsible corporate conduct, which is derived from the principles of good corporate governance. Companies are also quasi-public institutions. As such, they serve a functional Society.

First defined in 1987, sustainability is any development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and choose their lifestyle (as defined by the Brundtland Commission).

Today, Hauck & Aufhäuser considers environmental, social, and economic factors under the term “sustainability.” All investments pass through a multi-stage selection process, in which the companies are viewed from five ethical perspectives.

In addition to classical financial analysis, ethical and sustainable portfolio management also involves conducting an ethical analysis.

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"We are active shareholders and integrate ESG topics in our shareholder policy." 

(2. UN Principles für Responsible Investment (UNPRI))


Further information about  GES.

Sustainable and ethical investments are an essential component of the strategic positioning and approach of Hauck & Aufhäuser (Schweiz) AG. We have been offering sustainable investments since 1995.
Since summer 2019, we have introduced a proxy voting policy for the two H & A PRIME VALUES multi-asset funds Income and Growth.

In order to implement the exercise of voting rights professionally and globally, we have commissioned the proxy advisory service Glass, Lewis & Co. with the custodian bank of the funds. Glass Lewis is in charge of all administrative activities relating to the voting rights and management of equity securities on our behalf and in accordance with our understanding of sustainability.

Further information about Proxy Voting Policy: Download 

The independent ethics committee takes decisions on the ethics profile of a company or issuer. This committee is composed of distinguished experts from various specialties. The committee monitors compliance with defined ethical standards on behalf of the investors. The corresponding classifications of the companies and issuers reflect our understanding of societal responsibility. In so doing, it considers ethical standpoints recognized in German-speaking countries that relate to social interaction and man’s stewardship of nature.

Here you will find detailed information about our Independent PRIME VALUES committee.

Individual Wealth Management Sustainability



Our ethical and sustainable investment philosophy for privately and institutionally managed assets is based on these values and principles: 

  • Active management approach: Market capitalization benchmarks are mostly arbitrarily defined. For this reason, our investment style deliberately and significantly deviates from these benchmark indexes.

  • Fundamental and quantitative: We analyze markets and securities on the basis of your business data and the economic climate. We take our investment decisions on the basis of these in-depth assessments. All decisions are pre-filtered through a quantitative model in order to consolidate the generated information.

  • Research based: Our investments in all markets and securities are conducted on the basis of defined research processes. We only invest in areas where these research processes are established.

  • Responsible investment: Ethical assessment of companies and issuers.

  • Independent: Our analysis and decisions are independent, and we attach great importance to quality and objectivity in our investment strategies.


Sustainable companies as stable investment targets – our theories

  1. Ethically managed companies have better opportunities for stable, sustainable growth. We aim for long-term investment success.
  2. They benefit from cost advantages, for example, through increases in energy efficieny. Ressource sensitivity reduces procurement costs. Sophisticated HR management attracts skilled employees.
  3. Awareness of social responsibility strengthens image and brand.

Our principles

Our approach is based on solid ethical principles. We offer you:

  • Individual investment profile matching the needs of each client
  • Independent selection process
  • Ongoing examination of the portfolio risk using quantitative KPIs


Sustainable fund concepts

from the beginning

Ethics and sustainability ist not a temporary phenomenon. On the contrary it is on everyone's mind and is gaining increasing importance. There are some fund products titled "ethical" on the market. But none of them have been pursuing this topic as long and consistently as the investment funds H & A PRIME VALUES.

Already in 1995 we launched the first and by now the oldest ethics fund in continental Europe. The H & A PRIME VALUES funds are ethically sustainable investment funds, which are structured according to our unique investment process, regarding all investments from a holistic perspective.

The H & A PRIME VALUES funds enable you to participate in our sustainable strategy and the active asset management approach even in smaller asset tranches and to benefit from our extensive expertise. This offers you an opportunity to invest into a widely diversified portfolio and to benefit from the advantages of a collective investment scheme.  

Special qualities: 

  • First German-language ethics fund
  • Extensive and solid track record
  • Independent ethics committee assesses each individual security

H & A PRIME VALUES Income invests worldwide in equities and bonds of companies and issuers who meet the criteria we defined in terms of ethics and sustainability. In order to minimize risks, we focus on investing in bonds. Better yields can be achieved through the equities of companies with above-average market prospects. The fund is not only ideal for private investors but also for pension funds, foundations, and non-profit organizations.

H & A PRIME VALUES Growth invests worldwide in the equities and bonds of companies and issuers who meet the criteria we defined in terms of ethics and sustainability. The focus is on equities of companies that promise above-average market prospects. Complementing the portfolio with the bonds of companies and other issuers helps mitigate risks, depending on market situation. The fund is ideal for investors focused on long-term investment who are also prepared to accept short-term downturns in stock prices.

H & A PRIME VALUES Equity invests worldwide in equities of mid-sized and large cap companies who meet the ethical criteria defined by the ethics committee. Fund management places the investment focus on equities of companies that have a solid business model and above-average market prospects. The fund may execute derivative transactions in order to mitigate potential losses. It diversifies according to company size, sector, and country. The fund is ideal for investors focused on long-term investment who are also prepared to accept short-term downturns in stock prices. The fund’s objective is to achieve significant long-term capital growth and better performance than the market as a whole.


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